PhD students supervised & under supervision

Kyrre Tromm Lindvig (2008) “Wir fahren auf der Autobahn” – Kraftwerk and Constructions of Germanness (University of Oslo)

Cláudia Azevedo (2009) “It’s meant to be dark!” – Codifications of black metal as an audiovisual genre (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro)

Per Elias Drabløs (2012) “From Jamerson to Spenner” – A Survey of the Melodic Electric Bass Through Performance Practice

Marita Buanes Djupvik (2013) “King of the Rhythm – Slave to the Beat” Representations of Black Masculinity in Hip-Hop Videos

Eirik Askerøi (2013) “Reading Pop Production:” Sonic Markers and Identity Formation

Tormod Wallem Anundsen (2013) “Mainstream or Marginal? A Study of the Musical Practices of Three African Immigrant Performers in Norway”

Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik (2014) “Scratching the Surface.” Marit Larsen and Marion Ravn: Popular Music and Gender in a Transcultural Context

Birgitte Sandve (2014) “Staging the real.”identity politics and urban space in mainstream Norwegian rap Music

Erlend Hegdal (2015) “Charleston i Grukkedalen” – Afrikansk-amerikanske artister i Norge før 1940

Lars Norberg (2015)

Agnete Eilertsen (2016)

Kai Arne Hansen (2017)

Date: Saturday, 1. October 2011 10:18
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