PhD students supervised

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Cláudia Azevedo (2009) “It’s meant to be dark!” – Codifications of black metal as an audiovisual genre (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro)

Shara Rambarran (2010) “Innovations in Contemporary Popular Music and Digital Media and Reconstructions of the Music Industry in the 21st Century” (University of Salford)

Per Elias Drabløs (2012) “From Jamerson to Spenner” – A Survey of the Melodic Electric Bass Through Performance Practice (Norwegian State Academy of Music, Oslo)

Marita Buanes Djupvik (2013) “King of the Rhythm – Slave to the Beat” Representations of Black Masculinity in Hip-Hop Videos (University of Agder)

Eirik Askerøi (2013) “Reading Pop Production:” Sonic Markers and Identity Formation (UNiversity of Agder)

Tormod Wallem Anundsen (2013) “Mainstream or Marginal? A Study of the Musical Practices of Three African Immigrant Performers in Norway” (University of Oslo)

Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik (2014) “Scratching the Surface.” Marit Larsen and Marion Ravn: Popular Music and Gender in a Transcultural Context (University of Oslo)

Birgitte Sandve (2014) “Staging the real.”identity politics and urban space in mainstream Norwegian rap Music (University of Oslo)

Erlend Hegdal (2015) “Charleston i Grukkedalen” – Afrikansk-amerikanske artister i Norge før 1940 (University of Oslo)

Agnete Eilertsen (2017) “Articulations of Queering Straightness.” An Analysis of Contemporary Norwegian Pop (University of Agder)

Sara Arenallis Meléndez (2017) “Discursos, identidades y transgresión en la música popular española (1980-2010): el caso del glam rock y sus variantes”  (“Discourses, identities and transgression in Spanish popular music (1980-2010): the case of Glam rock and its related trends”) (University of Oviedo, Spain)

Kai Arne Hansen (2017) “Fashioning Pop Personae: Gender, Personal Narrativity, and Converging Media in 21st Century Pop Music” (University of Oslo)

Bjørn David Dolmen (2018) “Etter rockens gjennombrudd: Fire impulser i Pekka Pohjolas musikalske estetikk” (University of Agder)

Ingolv Haaland (2019) “International Collaboiration Towards a Global Sound” (University of Agder)

Tore Størvold (2020) “Dissonant Landscapes: Nature and the Musical Imagination of Iceland” (University of Oslo)

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Kari Laura Iveland (2024)  “Lyrics, Voices, and the Stories they tell” (University of Agder)