Month: June 2013

This article is in Norwegian and deals with the question: ‘What is typical Norwegian music’? I make the claim that in popular music it is only really Black Metal that is internationally associated with Norwegian music. The writer of this article, Solveig Nygaard Langvad, also gets Bjørn Hatterud to comment. He is in complete disagreement […]
PhD student Birgitte Sandve has been interviewed by one of Norway’s leading music journals Ballade.                     For interview click here!    
An international symposium, the main event of the popular music project I am currently leading, financed by the Research Council of Norway, took place from 4-7 June 2013, and was attended by delegates working in Scandinavia, Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA. For specific information regarding the program, see Oslo Symposium June 2013.   […]