Book launch 7 March 2016

Forskningsforum: Book launch with Stan Hawkins

Welcome to the launch of: Queerness in Pop Music by Stan Hawkins.

Foto: ‘Applause, applause’ music video

Stan Hawkins’s new book, Queerness in Pop Music, published by Routledge, addresses the playfulness of much pop music, offering insights into how discourses of resistance are mediated through pleasure.

Music analysis is woven into this, illuminating aspects of parody, nostalgia, camp, naivety, masquerade, irony, and mimesis in pop music. The principal aim is to uncover the subversive strategies of pop artists through a wide range of audiovisual texts that situate the debates on gender and sexuality within an aesthetic context that is highly stylized and ritualized.




Kyle Devine

Bilde av Kyle Devine

Guest Speaker:

Freya Jarman, author of Queer Voices (Department of Music, University of Liverpool).

Author of book:

Stan Hawkins


Musical interlude:

Per Elias Drabløs


Refreshments and mingling

More information about the book:

Queerness in Pop Music.

More information about the author:

Stan Hawkins.